Broken shows there’s a feature film lurking inside Psarias. Not only is the visual element handled with confidence, but there’s a depth to the characterisation that suggests with more development, she could realise her ambitions and sustain a feature length project.

– Dave Calhoun, Film Editor Time Out and Judge of the Channel 4 Talent Award.

Vicki is a great director, drawing superb performances from her actors in Broken-a real talent to watch.

-Gilbert Adler, Producer ‘Superman Returns’, ‘Valkyrie’.

Broken is a dazzling drama from Vicki Psarias, one of Britain;s most promising young filmmakers

– David Edwards, The Mirror




Vicki is a unique and gifted writer, filmmaker, director, teacher and parent. Her skills and talent are singling out for her a career in her chosen field with assurance and élan. I enjoyed the challenges and commitments she demanded of me as an actor and well appreciate the range and depth of her abilities. I feel confident in saying Vicki is already capable, given the tools, of great things and look forward to the films she will doubtless make in the years to come

– Peter Polycarpou, Actor and Musical Theatre Workshop Facilitator

Vicki managed a very tight deadline with great focus on the hour by hour needs of the team with great communication skills, honesty and integrity.

– Nick Norton-Smith, Film,TV, media composer

I had the luck to work with Vicki as her Director of Photography in a few of her projects. And what a privilege that was!

There is not much to say about Vicki rather than the fact that she is such a joy to work with for everyone involved. Always clear about what she wants, well-prepared, with a strong vision, willing to listen to any feedback and suggestion from her team; and with an energy and passion you don’t get very often on film sets!

All the above make Vicki the best ‘captain of the boat’ for the cast and crew and the most efficient director from the production side; making sure she always delivers the best result within the time and budget limits of each production.

I really couldn’t recommend Vicki more for her skills, knowledge, talent and unique vision!

– Steven Priovolos, Multi Award Winning Director of Photography – www.stevendp.com

Vicki is an inspiring director to work with, not just in that she has a keen understanding of the dynamics of film making, but also due to her limitless energy and commitment for every project she chooses. On the occasions I have worked with Vicki as her assistant director, I have been impressed by her ambition, work ethic and her determination to produce visually engaging work no matter what the odds presented to her. Have no doubt, not only will she get the job done to a high standard, but she will do it in constant good humour and a whirlwind of enthusiasm.

– Adam Booth, Head of Production – Archer’s Mark

Vicki, is a remarkable filmmaker, not only does she have Director skills. She is also a fantastic Writer. I thoroughly enjoyed the services Vicki delivered to our young people on our Filmmaking programme in 2004. As a result of the talent she displayed this helped some of the young kids decide to pursue a career in Media. The numerous awards she has recieved over the years is a testament to her talent and passion.

I would recommend Vicki.

– Lola Atkins, Trustee at Wish for Africa (UK Charity)